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Black in latin america Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Black in latin america - Essay Example The Haitians, on one side openly acknowledges their African heritage and respects it. This respect has led to their openly defending their being related to the Africans, a defence they have paid an agonizing price for. The Dominicans, on the other hand, is a multiracial society that tries to identify with the whites. They shun their African heritage and roots and openly embrace European identities mainly Hispanic. Being a multiracial, the Dominicans have always tried to push the African heritage to the background in the name of national identity. This has its origin in 1844 when the country became free from the Haitians, at this time, and anything associated with Haiti especially creole, statues and the African pride was considered low and inferior. It is also notable from the movie that there has emerged a new group in Dominica still identifying itself with their black ancestors. The situation in Haiti is exactly the opposite. They embrace their African heritage to the extent that even their heroes’ statues are almost all black. The music and arts in Haiti and even the culture and language have deep African roots, and the people are proud of their heritage. I terms of religion, the Haitians have besides the Roman Catholic, the voodoo, a religion that combines both catholic and African influences. Although in the same island, the two countries are depicted in the movie as having differ ing attitudes towards their common African

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Proposal on efficiency by design Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Proposal on efficiency by design - Lab Report Example Many people believe that termites are just a liability in terms of destroying structures but East gate Building, an office complex in Harare, Zimbabwe, in Africa has a different story. The air conditioning systems in this gate are designed on self-cooling mounds of Macrotermes michaelseni. The termites maintain their inner nest temperature to within one degree, day and night as the temperatures outside moves from 42 Â °C to 3 Â °C (Downton, 407). Through this, there is considerable energy saving and this case presents a good example of bio mimicry and its application. This concept can be applied in many other such structures with the aim of harnessing the activities of the termites to release energy for use in architectural concepts (Florax, et al, 63). Florax, R J. G. M, Groot H. L. F. De, and Peter Mulder. Improving Energy Efficiency Through Technology: Trends, Investment Behaviour and Policy Design. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pub, 2011. Internet

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Middle Class in India Sociology

Middle Class in India Sociology Is there something called the Indian Middle Class? How does this manifest in everyday India ? Illustrate this from Mother Pious Lady Reference? Indian middle class; is it a group or a phenomenon? Who are the people who form the Indian middle class, what are their culture? The Indian middle class has grown from a minority in pre-independence era to a vast majority taking the grip of the whole nation and playing a major role in driving it towards development. The book Mother Pious Lady by Mr Santosh Desai portrays the Indian middle class in vivid detail. The following writing takes the headings of the book and tries to explain Indian middle class with illustration from the book. I have tried covering the topics which I was able to connect to. Economic reform has provided the Indian middle class the most needed the liberation in terms of living life to the most. There has been a constant shift in the cultural sign and symbols adapted through ages. Disappearance of girls pig tail, freedom of mobility through scooterette, providing the elders their own space of living, telecommunication evolution, explosion in the passenger car segment , changing clothing pattern are few of the visible patterns in society. Girls pony tail were a symbol of desired feminine reserved nature which has seen a change both in length and its handling. The shortening of hair gives a girl a sense of personal control displayed metaphorically. The scooty revolution has helped the female to expand her boundaries without being dependent on any family member providing her a sense of independence. Even the car owned has seen a shift towards adapting more compact cars. The recent shift from petrol to electric and LPG based cars not only signifies the change in attitude towards efficiency but also the urge to keep up technologically. Dhoni has been one the true middle class iconic figures which has altered the way Indian see a small town boy. The can do attitude along with the lack of fear of failure and unmindfulness of hierarchy has been the reason behind success of Dhoni. Any Indian middle class can draw inspiration from him in the way towards dealing with pressure and performing without fear of failure. The increase in disposable income has led to the change in attitude towards life, attitude towards savings. The Indian middle class is not afraid to take risks in life to get a bigger return. He is in constant search of avenues of making money. An age where money has its own language, and the person in possession of money is in possession of power. It has become the source of energy which drives the entire economy, of which Indian middle class has played the most important role. Arranged marriage in a typical middle class families is still not openly accepted, reasons may be preference for same caste bride which may not be guaranteed in love marriage. It may also be due to unfamiliarity or not being comfortable to other caste customs being brought and practiced in one family. Arrange marriage is not seen as marriage of two individuals but two families as well. The idea of prospective bride and groom to know each other before marriage is not given preference as the custom of these individuals having the luxury of spending time together is quite rare in any joint family. Also, the societal pressure is also a big factor which forces one to look into same caste bride or groom. The priority of selection bride or groom also is quite typical in middle class family and exchange of dowry which comes as unsaid package plays a major role in this decision. The education qualification in higher of engineer or doctor may fetch enough dowry to groom family to cover almost all the family members lifetime expenditure. Its agreed that many a times this money only changes hand in case the same family has a girl to be married away. All these factors doesnt provide the luxury to place the freedom to choose the bride in the hand of the prospective groom himself. The power to choose the family needs to be closely guarded and the sense of freedom even need to be made to felt to the groom. Also, the custom of preparing and matching kundli of prospective bride and groom to formally accept marriage proposal also affects the decision. The decision to go against the familys belief of marrying someone who technically doesnt match on paper may lead to social seclusion. The present has become poor indicator of the future indicates that current reputation, societal status, family acceptance takes preference over the prospective future of those two individuals living together happily. The middle path of arranged love marriage seems to provide the best possible solution in the current middle class society. It comes with best of both the worlds. Even though, this may not be happening at an encouraging level provides enough encouragement to other families to try to adapt for the benefit of those two individuals in question. Other reason for further acceptance of this phenomenon is the trend of growing number of nuclear families. The tradition of newly wed bride to stay with the family is becoming less frequent, leading to providing both the individuals to start their life with their own rules. The importance given to the caste is also decreasing due to importance given to education qualification and economic status in the society. The essence of middle class can be truly experienced while travelling across country via any means be it train, bus, jugaad or be it airplane. Out of all these means Train definitely displays the middle class in true sense. Indian Railways carries millions of Indians mostly middle class people through length and breadth of this huge nation on a daily basis. A typical middle class passenger takes a train journey not just as travel but as ritual. He is worried about the co-passengers destination more than his own. The train coupe forms a perfect blend of many cultures and their practices. It is clearly visible during the meal time. Any Gujarati family travels in a group of min 4-5 members with a plethora of food varieties in their stock. The ritual of cutting and preparing salad, preparing for the meal by arranging the plates and laying out the pre made food contents. The daily routine of having daily meal is still maintained irrespective of the place they may be. After Gold, probably Stainless steel is the metal which places itself highly in the life of typical Indian middle class family. The metal is a reliable carrier of memories. It stands for pride, trust and assurance. Stainless steel makes its presence very eminent in daily life of middle class family through vessels, utensils. It is the true representation of aspirations of middle class family, to be able to shine even after being put to test on a daily basis. It serves to utility to max. But due to recent advent of polymer technology and post liberalization era, Stainless steel is being slowly being replaced by more cheaper and easily replaceable elements like plastics, aluminium. This trend not only displays the changing attitude of the middle class towards daily life approach. There has been a constant shift from need for longevity, durability to alternatives which would serve the utility at best price. This change is evident of the fact of the fast changing life, non belief in long standing commitment. Ease of manufacturing, handling, disposal, multi utility and economy of use Need for Communication places itself on a very high scale for any Indian, specially a middle class family. The urge to stay connected through any possible means forms a strong bond among geographically spread and settled of the community. Even Post card saw its evolution in the form of launch of competition postcards, travel postcards etc, which formed an important part of a typical middle class family. Post card, in pre telecommunication era, was the perfect carrier of messages which contained message not for individuals but for the whole family from another family as such. Post card was like the facebook wall for the whole family. After the advent to telecommunication era, the ease of message transmission was shifted to audio content from textual content. But the current shift to electronic mail or e-mail has detached the flavour of writing letter to near and dear ones. Its well acknowledged that it has made life simpler, but the shift from paper letter to e-mail has shifted the le tter only as intention. Middle class is best known for its ability to excel at the time of scarcity. The backbone of this feat comes from the culture of staying in joint families. Joint family is a true representation of Marxist institute where the fruits of toil of the family is equally shared among the members. The belief in sharing everyone materialistic property among the members gives it a strong sense of binding. Every member works for the family not for his self individual. But, there has been a constant erosion in the concept of living through sharing. This is clearly evident in the rising conflict in land claiming issues in joint families. The constant shift from joint to nuclear families, constant movement of families from rural areas to urban areas, rising living costs and at the base of all the changing attitude of middle class towards living through sharing has led to this crude change. Summer break was usually associated with long break from school, summer holidays and trip to either native place or to a holiday destination with the family. It was a time to spend quality time with our near and dear ones. It was a time to take up some hobby at leisure be it reading comics, take up painting or music classes. But the true essence of the break was that it provided an opportunity to connect to our real self, to our places and culture of origin. It was a time to experience the new, refuel with fresh change of much needed air. There has been a constant shift in the attitude of middle class towards the summer break as well. The shift from leisure spending to time to more serious way on engagement has been created due to constant peer pressure and to prove oneself distinct from the lot. The mushrooming of summer camps for children for sports, music and arts classes is not due to self interest of children as such but also to satisfy the aspiration of typical middle class par ents to see their children develop a multi faceted personality. Mothers role is universally given the top priority in any human being relationship pyramid. Indian Mother plays an even more important role in any middle class family. Gender Role of mother is very prominent in a middle class family. She is the person responsible for binding the family, its health and even for counselling. She plays multiple roles in a family with varied responsibilities. She is the one who is more bothered about her sons exams. She portrays the true values of middle class through her aspirations for the family at the cost of sacrificing her own life. The affinity of a typical middle class family with white cloth reflects its aspiration levels of getting noticed in the society. This portrays the notion of purity in the era of corruption. The analogue of usage of ultramarine on white cloth is clearly with thin film of elite culture which every middle class aspires to be a part of. Ultramarine actually doesnt help in whitening the cloth but only provides a blue coat to cover up the real patches of yellow dirt resting on the cloth. It signifies the constant urge of Indian middle class to stand apart, its constant urge to excel through continuous trial. The recent adaption of dye based cloth dye from ultramarine depicts a change in time. The spike in demand of English medium school for middle class and associating children education with English displays the attitude towards thin film culture to hide their true image. The obsession with order and discipline is a typical characteristic of Indian middle class. The sense of belonging is one of the implicit needs of the Indian middle class. Well creased and iron clothes are one of the symbols used to strengthen the need for order. It gives them the strength to fight against the chaos of nature. Straight Line represents their triumph of humanness. In the pre-liberalization era when people were not suffering from ADD(attention deficit disorder), people had vivid means of entertainment ranging from coffee house debating, fishing, travelling or be it sitting idle with friends with corner tea shops and having friendly chat. Even the perception of viewing something in motion could be termed as entertainment. Here the house window played an important role in opening. It was the theatre of our imagination which would let your creativity do the talking. The recent expansion in the media domain has increased the options of entertainment but also reduced the interest in the outside real world. The role of window has changed from taking interest in real world to secluding oneself from the society. The ritual of visiting our relatives and near and dear ones without pre-announcement and even without a purpose was a common habit among middle class families having geographically scattered members. Even the purpose of the visit was not important. But recently due changing relationship among people and with growing linearity among it, the visit is associated with a purpose. Even the acceptance of un announced visit are not welcomed. The reasons of the trend can be varying ranging from improving communication technology to shrinking of family size to engulfing oneself in their own word. One place where the true middle class can be found congregating is the 4 pages of weekly matrimonial ads in daily newspapers. The ads are structured as per the caste requirement. The place becomes the marketing platform where packaging the individual in the form of few highlighted well seeked off words becomes the success criteria of finding any mate through those ads. A typical middle class arranged marriage doesnt takes place between individuals but between the families and in turn their relatives. It doesnt remains an event affecting 2 individuals but goes far beyond. The typical middle class phenomenon of intra caste marriage even at the cost of not finding suitable bride/groom can have unwelcomed effect. It not only affects those individuals but also the society. This menace can only be dealt with if the priority of suitability for partner selection is shifted from caste to their personal attitude matching. Any vehicle which is typically associated with a middle class family has to be a scooter. A scooter is analogues to a mule; comparable in strength and obedience for load carriage. A vehicle providing mobility with multi utility and an aura of safety around it was the perfect companion of any Indian middle class family. Scooter portrays the middle class persona to perfection. The ability of carry person well above rated number and weight, the ability to transform from people carriage vehicle to goods carrier in both front compartment and side deck, never asking for maintenance and providing the security of spare wheel made it the most suitable vehicle on Indian roads for any middle class family. Auto rickshaw has been an integral part of our lives which provides personalised travelling mode at near affordable price. Auto rickshaw was a vehicle which provided freedom from wait for public transport and provided door to door connectivity. The vehicle was a true image of the growing aspirations of the Indian middle class providing them the much needed differentiation in terms of image perception. The vehicle itself was positioned between the affordable but not comfortable mode of transportation , ie 2 wheelers and un-affordable 4 wheelers for a typical middle class. Of late due to improving public transportation in cities and increasing fares of auto transport, there has been a shift towards other modes but auto rickshaw is here to stay to its USP. In the pre-liberalization era, buying of any household appliance was an occasion in itself. The long term association with the appliances bought made it even further a special occasion. The appliances ranged from TV, fridge, Tape recorder, scooter, cooker, sewing machine etc. The appliance almost became a part of the family itself with special handling care taken care by the head of the family. The TV remote was the power centre which needs to be wrapped in polythene and handled only under guided supervision. Of late with the advent of consumerism and even increasing appliances buying and replacement rate, the importance of any appliance has reduced drastically. The role of appliance has shifted from being centrally used by the family to personalized usage. The concept of personalized appliance for every member of the family be it mobile phones, music systems or even vehicles has reduced the emotional elements attached with the appliance. The behaviour has changed from repair mentali ty to exchange mentality. This has further reduced the need for caring for the appliance as the life cycle of the technology considered upto date has also reduced drastically with new models being churned out every few models with better and improved features. The medical service was and is still considered luxury for many strata of our society. The affordability and notions attached with medical service and doctor are still alien in many parts of the society where the sole responsibility of the family health either lies in the hands of god or local medicine practitioners. But in other well off places doctors are almost next to god. The typical Indian middle class finds itself stuck between the affordability factor and belief factor. Of late a typical Indian middle class tries to over smart the well trained doctor through primary research on internet. To him the advice given by an unknown on internet appeals to him with greater truth factor than the advice given to him by doctor. Radio was a very strong binding medium in pre TV era connecting people from across the geography, occupation etc. There has been a constant shift in the methodology of popularity calculation of songs. Not only radio but also TV has been affected by the consumerism. The method of popularity is not only based on artists performance but also on the no. of sms send during the event. The Indian middle class is an upfront participant in the era of consumerism. The power of voting for their favourite performer has engaged the middle class into ever longer participation and increased its loyalty for the event. A typical Indian middle class finds pleasure in seeing someone alike performing well and progressing in the event. Cinema is trying to woo the middle class by providing much demand exclusive comfort through various class in shows. Typical Indian street food is a moving map of Indian culture whether you eat paani poori or idli dosa or Chinese. Its a place where hygiene is typically overlooked and is subsided by taste. Its a place for any typical calorie conscious individual to indulge and forget about extra calories. Its also a place where people across religion, caste and race are binded without issues. Indians love their cinemas and Songs and heroes are an integral part of it. Of late, there has been a constant shift from emotion based poetic songs to meaningless songs which are getting more encouragement from the society. Society doesnt have the quest for meaning through songs anymore, reasons may be varied. May be the middle class doesnt come to cinema anymore as a issue solver but as a mere entertainer. Cinema provides them escape from daily life issues for a couple of hours. And thats the reason, people look up to todays heroes as mere epitome of excess.The need of the hour is to encourage the real heroes to bring change in the society. Middle class need to rise to true heroism, be it being entrepreneur; helping generate jobs, generate income for people, be it working for societal development. Indian middle class is obsessed with power which really comes hard and short lived at times. The phenomenon is clearly evident in political hierarchy, power associated with official cars, its red sirens, the issue associated with security frisking. The reasons may be in the cultures acceptance of power distance, the need to show power at hand to society to gain importance. PSUs were set with mind set of socialism, but apparently they are the power house of the Indian industries. This scenario has been constantly shifting due to increasing entry of MNCs in India who preach exactly the opposite with its flat office structure, its open door policy, its transparency, its priority to performance over age based seniority etc. Film, politics and corporate are biggest institutions providing transfer of legacy through free passage of the baton to their next generation. License raj period was a black era where ones ability to survive directly depended on the bureaucratic contacts he/she had. T he Indian middle class was a complete misfit in this zone. The scene is also changing fast due to increased concern over the companys performance even at the cost of baton going to an outsider fit for the role. We need to watch for similar happenings in politics as well. Indian middle class are the true carriers of ancient Indian culture in todays Indian culture. This is represented clearly in the food and our existence around it. The food acts as the centre of our existence and stomach the seat of our soul. Food may be the barometer of our lives. The reasons could be due to immigration of varied cultures in India through ages, providing an enriching mix of food culture. One of unique form of food serving can be found in Thali. It forms a unique contrast with the western food culture of serving food in linear courses. The food itself is arranged all a time providing the connoisseur the option of selecting his course order accordingly. The reason why we enjoy Thali may be due to our finding pleasure in chaos. Another, interesting food form ie Pickle forms a central part of a typical middle class diet. Pickle tries to preserve its ingredient in interesting form. It acts like the culture distillate. The availability of thali food in restaurant and pickl e available in jars in retail stores reflect the changes in society. The hectic and fast moving lifestyle in urban areas doesnt provide an opportunity to families in either engaging in pickle preparation at home, neither do they find time to have meals at a time with the whole family at once. Even the food habits have seen constant change from Indian food to western food. The need to have the food on the move has seen shift in food and catering culture. Indians have always felt fuzzy in declaring their love towards their loved ones and the concept of expressing oneself through words, day celebration etc was of alien in nature. With liberalization and adoption of western culture, there has a constant shift towards need for verbal and visual expression of love and care. The growth of cards culture in form of Archies, Hallmark etc., celebration of fathers day, mothers day, and even valentines day has come under accepted and much needed norms. The major reasons may be increasing spatial, cultural and generation gap among the family members. The middle class in the run to keep up with the society has replaced bhai dooj with brothers day, the daily expressed silent care with valentines day, the parental respect with fathers day. The reason could be the need to make every occasion big and reason to celebrate with public display. The love in some cases may also be weighed in terms of the value of the gift exchanged. The Indian middle class obsession with English is not a new phenomenon, whether in the form of English pet names, obsession with English medium schools, the urge to communicate in English. This market is very well served by the growing tutorial classes promising to teach English in 30 days. Even though the excessive obsession has led to corrosion of native Indian culture but it also has a silver lining along with it. The booming IT outsourcing industry has been successful majorly due to the proficiency achieved by Indian middle class to international acceptable standards which has led to opening of job horizons for many. The Indian middle class believes in sharing and living, but sometimes at the cost of others inconvenience. This is clearly evident in the missing mobile etiquettes, throwing garbage in public places, listening TV at home at full volume. The lack of need to respect others space may be the outcome of the feeling of one with the society. This seem an issue of little relevance but with times there arises the need to educate people about respecting for others feeling and space essential for peaceful coexistence. Few rituals find peculiar adaptation in typical Indian middle class society. The traffic system portrays a system of chaos working perfectly in harmony. Every driver has his own meaning of traffic rule, he drives focused only on his objective. The myopic objective getting ahead of others even at the cost of creating traffic jam later. Honking is used for power display with safety put to backseat. Indian traffic is a perfect smaller version of Indian middle class culture. Many cities operate with no traffic signal nor with traffic policemen, which display almost magically the understanding amongst motorist. Indians always find hard to follow rules carved by someone else but are always apt to form their own. The rules are there to be bent which is evident in the way drivers do when they jus hang the seat belt to escape fine only to release it at the first possible opportunity, two wheelers carry helmets in hand only to be worn when faced with a traffic policeman. The chalta hai proves to be major deterrent to arrive at a lasting solution. The lack of desire for quality may be due to lack of desire for lasting solution. The major beneficiary is Indian politics where criminals are forgotten and re-elected, where scams are forgone with time. India has come a long way from 64 crore bofors scam to 1.76 lakh crore 2G telecom scam of which Indian middle class was a mere spectator. Indian middle seem to be good at forgiving and even better at forgetting. Even sports remains untouched when come to the scandals like cricket and recent common wealth games. The reason may be the attitude of disinterest of people towards apt punishment. The need of the hour is to educate the mass about the importance and benefit of following traffic rules. The need of the hour is to make the Indian middle class realize the power they have in their hands to elect capable and apt people. Liquor was always looked up as a menace in the Indian middle class and its association with ability to take the human out of oneself. The elite and extreme lower class always some occasion or reason associated with liquor consumption. But the middle class always took it as an unwinding tool, as a medium to hang out with. Our trip to Hill stations have always been associated with family, as a place to escape the heat and noise of the city. Indians always have been worshiping Sun, but also has always been looked with harshness of its nature which is quite opposite to western culture where they tend to welcome sun. Amitabh Bacchan is one those iconic figures who has lived through Indians for almost four decades now. He has lived almost all his characters too real life like. He has given every Indian the sense of his own existence through his reel characters. He has been the icon of credibility for most if the Indian middle class. He is the one who can be trusted by any brand either for publicity or damage control, ranging from Gujarat tourism to Cadbury worm controversy.

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Quality Assurance Review Essay

According to Merriam Webster (2014), â€Å"Provision is: the act or process of supplying or providing something.† Every company provides a provision or has a mission statement that their company stand by, which shows what services that company, will commit to delivering to their clients. We as professionals and them as businesses have an obligation to deliver direct services effectively to help clients adapt socially and effectively in society. It is the companies’ responsibility to provide clients with the services that sustain a good work or living environment. Companies are dedicated to providing direct support services that will enhance a client’s quality of life, and that is designed to meet the needs of their client. Moreover, it is important that staff build their time to participate in activities with the clients that they are servicing. It is also the responsibility of the company, to make sure their staff is educated and trained in their area of concentration to assist their client. It is important to develop relationships with clients that will allow them to engage in everyday life activities. It is provided that any person that is working with clients to engage in activities with their client. Clients have IEP (Individual Education Plan) programs that should be followed to assure the client is receiving the proper education that is based on their need. It is up to the worker to provide clients with a structured setting which will allow them to see if the client is learning according to their plan or their day. In every event, every aspect is about providing proper service to the client. Furthermore, it’s about creating independence in that client by setting academic and functional goals that are attainable and reachable from a realistic aspect for that client. A professional’s purpose is not to please coworkers but, their purpose is to be an advocate for their client. In the case scenario of the staff member providing services appropriately to  clients, certain information is required in the process of gathering and covering the basic components of quality assurance, which are proper provision of service, client satisfaction with the service and proper documentation. With reasoning, questions have been formulated to help monitor and prevent future fraud and misappropriation of services as it pertains within these guidelines. From the information gathered from the staff at the school, the client, and all that is involved with working with this particular client, the question is, since the goal for the staff member was to develop and maintain a client-centered service and to provide quality service and ensure the client’s satisfaction, should that particular client have had services from our agency because of a communicable disease in which he/she was recently treated for according to the teacher at the school? According to the teacher employed at the school, where the staff member was working with the client stated that this particular staff member was frequently late, was this tardiness professionally and legally documented? As reported by the teacher at the school where the staff member was working with the client, the teacher reports (if legally documented) that the staff member did not engage in their professional interventions towards a certain client about their behavior on a particular day. Were there any witnesses to this behavior and did the staff not intervene in stopping a certain behavior from this client? The reasoning behind these questions is as follows: Although the teacher at the school at which my agencies staff member was working with a particular client, it was not reported or stated about any legal documentation on this worker’s tardiness at this school. Also was there a specific reason for which my staff member did not tailor in her interventions towards a particular client due to their behavior that was reported to me, the director of the agency. It is believed that gathering the correct and adequate information from all parties involved when working with clients especially in the health care profession, helps those involved have a better understanding what kind of frame of mind the particular staff member, the client involved and even the teacher working with both parties, it is important to obtain such information so that there is no misinterpretation in communication, documenting all actions involved, or just documenting the day’s activities so that the agency and the school can  see if the client shows any improvement with working with a particular staff member. This also helps prevent any legal action involving all parties regarding he said/she said, or future fraud towards a certain agency. As it pertains to the accusation that the staff member is not open to feedback, how was the staff member approached about this feedback? Was this communicated in a professional manner? How exactly did the staff member respond to feedback given? Lastly, did the staff member give reasoning for not accepting feedback about services rendered? This line of questioning is important because it approaches the first accusation from all angles. These questions are trying to determine whether or not the staff member is blatantly refusing to accept feedback or if they are accepting feedback and just not implementing it. It is also important to not how the feedback was approached. If the feedback was delivered in a negative or accusatory way it may not have been implemented because the staff member may have a strict treatment plan and be avoiding confrontation with the teacher by just not accepting feedback. This is why it is important to understand the staff member’s reasoning behind not accepting feedback. It determines whether or not this staff member is providing the client with the proper services and that the staff understands what these services are so that there are no misunderstandings. As it pertains to the accusation that the staff member does not tailor their interventions to the client according to his behavior on a specific day, please name one example where the staff member did not tailor their interventions to fit the client’s needs? How was the staff member approached about this incident? Did the staff member give reasoning for continued their planned treatment? Was this incident documented and if so how was it documented? Were the client’s needs met? Was the client unsatisfied with their services provided? This line of questioning is important because it makes sure that the client is receiving the proper services that they need. The staff member’s treatment plan should always be centered on what is best for the client; not what is easier for the staff member. It is also important that a staff member with a strict treatment plan not stray from their original treatment plan if it affects the overall effectiveness of the treatment. This is why it is important to understand the staff member’s reasoning behind not altering their original treatment plan so as to make sure that this decision is not affecting the way that the  client is treated and or receives their services. Another important part of this line of questioning is that if the client’s needs were not met, how was this documented? Having proof that the client’s needs were not met is important in accessing the staff member’s overall effectiveness in their treatment plan. Lastly, it is important to note whether or not the client was satisfied with the services they received so that the staff member can be clearer in the future about the services they provide as to not having any misunderstandings. As it pertains to the accusation that the staff member is frequently late, has this tardiness been properly documented? If not, are there eyewitnesses that can attest to this accusation? Was the staff member approached about this accused tardiness? If so, by who and what where the repercussions of this action? Also, was this action documented and if so how was it documented? This line of questioning is important because it grants validity or not to the accusation that the staff member is constantly tardy. For there to be action taken against this staff member there need to be legal documented proof that this staff member is constantly tardy. If not there is not much that can be done legally about this accusation unless there is some documentation stating that this individual has been reprimanded about this behavior. As it pertains to the accusation that the staff member has created conflict between them and the teacher, how was this situation handled between the two staff members? How did the school handle this situation? Where all have actions are taken to prevent any further conflict member between the two before filing this complaint? Where these actions documented and if so how where they documented? This line of questioning is important because it relates to the validity of the complaint in general. This relates to whether or not this staff member is even in need of review or whether the school just doesn’t want to deal with feuding individuals. It is important that this type of situation be documented every step of the way or it just becomes he said she said battle. It is important to understand how the school handled this situation so that if there are any misunderstandings about the service rendered at the school by the staff member that these issues be resolved so that the main focus is on the clients. In special cases such as with disclosure of pertinent information in regard to communicable diseases, this breach of security poses a huge impact as it pertains to patient confidentiality and services provided.  Although the sharing of information with other healthcare professionals is important in providing effective patient care, if a breach of confidentiality as occurred and shared amongst other unaware of the contents of the patients history, this disclosure witho ut consent can pose a risk based on standard infection control procedures, as well as exposure-prone risks undertaken in primary care. In such circumstances, in order to repair the relationship once a breach of confidentiality has been made, the director must adequately acknowledge and apologize for the mishap. Ensure that the client understands that this is not how business is normally conducted and that HIPPA laws and regulations are taken seriously within the organization. To ensure that this does not happen again, there should be a mandatory training centered on client confidentiality and rules and regulations of HIPPA, and certificate of completions could be provided to the client to ensure that they are aware of your dedication to mend the relationship. References Bord, J.D, DDS MSD MA, Burke, W., MD Ph.D., & Dudzinski, D.M.., Ph.D. MTS (2013).Confidentiality. Ethics in Medicine. University of Washington School of Medicine. Retrieved from: Confidentiality case study: Serious Communicable Diseases. General Medical Council: Working With doctors working for patients. Retrieved from: Merriam Webster., Provision. (2014). Retrieved September 1, 2014.

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Emily Dickinson Essay

American poet, Emily Dickinson, is a great example of the transition from the wordy Romantic style of writing to literary transcendentalism. Dickinson’s elliptical style and compact phrases are heavily exemplified in her poem 1577(1545), â€Å"The Bible is an antique Volume. † This piece is full of satire as the speaker questions society’s blind obedience to Christianity and ultimately suggests the embracing of a new religion. The speaker gracefully degrades the Bible’s right as the solitary means to interpret humanity and proposes that the audience finds something new to believe. In the first line, the metaphor referring the Bible as merely â€Å"an antique volume† speaks volumes. Dictionary. com defines volume in this context as, â€Å"a collection of written or printed sheets bound together and constituting a book. † The speaker views the Bible as an â€Å"antique† anthological collection of stories that can be priced rather than the acronym –Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. In the second and third lines, the validity of the authors of the Bible is questioned. Faded Men† and â€Å"at the suggestion of Holy Spectres† connotes the men where told what to write and didn’t experience that life themselves. These lines, and the entire poem, are mostly bereft of the elaborate syntax communal in Dickinson’s other poems. Those familiar with biblical persons understand the significance of Satan, Judas, and David and the impact of their roles in the Christian faith. As a Christian reader, the simplicity of the lines, â€Å"Satan—the Brigadier, Judas—the Great Defaulter, David—the Troubadour†, reduces the persons’ history. Although the descriptions denote some truth, there is more to them than that. Satan, the â€Å"prince of the air (Ephesians 2:2)†, is responsible for tempting Eve into eating the forbidden fruit hence leading to man’s â€Å"distinguished precipice. † David wasn’t just a psalmist, he was one of Israel’s greatest kings and he is part of Jesus’ lineage. Dickinson’s literary genius foreshadows what is happening in the twenty-first century. Today, being a Christian isn’t popular and life is harder for teenagers and young adults. This is demonstrated perfectly in â€Å"Boys that â€Å"believe† are very lonesome†. Believers can’t do what nonbelievers are doing without being convicted (1 Peter 1:14- As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance). The nonbelievers are â€Å"lost† and don’t know any better. Traditional churches push the â€Å"lost† farther away because of the hypocrisy and arbitrariness of renowned religious leaders. The holier-than –thou leaders are the worst offenders because they are doing what they teach will â€Å"condemn† you. As a result, â€Å"Orpheus’ Sermon captivated† and Christianity is shunned. Both atheists and Christians can appreciate the theme of this poem- everyone has to believe in something. Hebrews 11:1 defines faith best as â€Å"the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. † Unless a person has a personal relationship with God, they won’t really understand the meaning of faith- the essence of Christianity. The speaker encourages readers to not rely solely on what they are told but to challenge it and learn for their self.

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A Man s World On Wall Street - 1638 Words

To Be a Man What makes a man, a man? Herman Melville’s â€Å"Bartleby, the Scrivener,† written in 1851, undoubtedly constructs a man’s world on Wall Street. During this time, it would be said that men and women had a certain role to fulfill. It just so happened that men were considered superior over women during the 1800’s. However, Melville wasn’t completely prosperous exterminating women from his narrative. Herman Melville’s â€Å"Bartleby the Scrivener,† is full of male characters. Bartleby, Turkey, Nippers, and Ginger Nut were all the male characters presented in Melville’s narrative. However, woman-like qualities surely shined through some of the characters. Thus, it would seem that Melville promoted masculinity by the usage of male characters in â€Å"Bartleby, the Scrivener,† but at the same time he was secretly using woman-like qualities. Hence, what really makes a man, a man? Feminine qualities could be interpreted throughout the short story, breaking through the barriers Melville tried to create. There was only a single mention of a female character in â€Å"Bartleby, the Scrivener†. The narrator stated, â€Å"One was kept by a woman residing in the attic, which person weekly scrubbed and daily swept and dusted my apartments† (Melville 1494). This quotation clearly shows the role of women during this time. The only mention of a woman in â€Å"Bartleby, the Scrivener† was in a passing reference to a woman cleaning the lawyer’s apartment. The role of a woman was finally presented in Melville’sShow MoreRelatedLondon s Delusive Visionary, Banksy1475 Words   |  6 PagesAngeles, Syria, and Brooklyn but he is known all over the world for mocking our society and people seem to be drawn to it, including myself. Even though graffiti is not known for making an impact to society, Street art can reflect a feeling because all art has some meaning and the artist has a reason for painting it for the public to see. The British graffiti artist started off as a freehand graffiti artist, one of three his his crew in the 1990’s. Banksy later on was influenced by Inky, Nicky WalkerRead MoreThe Great Gatsby And Death Of A Salesman1241 Words   |  5 PagesGreat Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald, William Shakespeare s Macbeth, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort. In this essay, I will discuss the two ways over ambition can cause an individual s downfall. The first is setting unattainable goals which we can see in The Great Gatsby and Death of a Salesman. The second is trying to achieve your goals unethically, seen in Macbeth and in The Wolf of Wall Street . The idea of ambition and striving for achievement isRead MoreJordan Belfort The Wolf Of Wall Street 1285 Words   |  6 PagesBhumi Patel Mr. Grosse US History May 4, 2017 Jordan Belfort â€Å"The Wolf of Wall Street† Jordan Belfort, better known as â€Å"The Wolf of Wall Street†, is a man who lived the high life of the top one percent of the upper class America. Belfort by definition is not a man who is commonly referred to in our history as a man who is looked upon. Belfort is known as a former stockbroker, but is currently a motivational speaker and an author. Belfort lived a life very well abusing everything he had whetherRead MoreThe First Painting Is About Spirituality882 Words   |  4 Pagespainting is about spirituality. Although it doesn’t look like showing spirituality, it has extended meanings. This painting was made by the artist whose name is Victor Brauner. He grew up in Romania, and then he went to Pyrenees to take refuge from World War II. His father was a wizard, and he learned some sorceries from his father. He put his own emotion in this painting. The painting shows the prelude of a civilization of Indian people. It include 40 stylized animal characters, and t hey are cartoonRead MoreStreet Art Vs. Art789 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is Street Art? The definition of street art and graffiti is almost impossible to pin down.Generally it is a free public art that is inspired by the urban environment and includes a lot of extraordinary styles such as graffiti, sticker, video projection, street posters , art intervention and many others. Originally the spray can was essential to graffiti and other pieces of work. They were usually created on walls. However, more recently, street art has come to surround a range of materials asideRead MoreThe Power Of Context By Malcolm Gladwell1709 Words   |  7 PagesSystems and Institutions start manipulating you as soon as adulthood is reached, around eighteen through twenty one depending on where in the world you are. They manipulate you to start doing things you may not want to do, for example, the current educational climate is pushing more students towards STEM based majors rather than what they want to do because the world needs more STEM majors. Societal stigma has made it frowned upon for students to follow their passions if it is not lucrative and does notRead MoreThe Killed Man Was Not High On Adrenaline1263 Words   |  6 Pagesof a second, and a third. Bright flashes from behind. A cloud of white smoke swirling around their legs thickened quickly into a blinding wall as they ran on. His throat had constricted and he started to cough. He was choking as he realized Penny s hand was no longer in his. Stumbling onwards with tears streaming, he collided heavily with the stonework of a wall and sank down into a crouch to rub at his stinging eyes. â€Å"Storm!† Her hand reached down. He managed to catch a glimpse of her hair. PennyRead MoreThe Value Of Culture Of Education Essay1519 Words   |  7 Pagesthe current culture of education is negatively affecting the students by narrowing the spectrum of success. Susan Faludi, author of The Naked Citadel, makes a claim that the college forces culture onto cadets to become an unattainable picture of a man. Karen Ho, author of Biographies of Hegemony, states that the tradition of hiring from elite universities is more about the presentable skills that can be used in all fields. Any institution has the power to change the future of all associated individualsRead MoreWall Street : A Symbol Of Economic Oppression And Racial Inequality1123 Words   |  5 Pages This brings me to what I call â€Å"White Wall Street†. Wall Street today is still a symbol of economic oppression and racial inequality. Wall Street was founded on slavery to begin with. Wall Street is located in New York City. New York City was originally a Dutch settlement called New Amsterdam. The Dutch West India Company utilized slaves. These slaves built the actual wall that gives Wall Street its name. What a way to have a constant reminder of slavery in your face every day. Do people evenRead MoreThe Development of The Robots Essay947 Words   |  4 PagesIn the 60‘s, 70‘s and 80‘s a Hannah Barbara production of â€Å"The Jetsons†, a family living in the year 2062 was a popular TV cartoon. The space age family age looks like our families with the exception of Rosie, a robot that manages the household. This might have been a far fetched idea back than however we may all have our own Rosies, a personal home robot to tackle many jobs that we don’t like or have time to do. The development of the robot is being produced to look and behave like a human. It

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Statement of Purpose for Computer Science - 812 Words

It is universally agreeable that with the advent of Computer technology, every ambitious and enthusiastic individual is really obsessed with the idea of doing computer science at graduate level because it seems to have created a zeal and enthusiasm in the hearts of youth, particularly those who aspire to be marked as high achievers. I, for one, seem to have been enchanted by these computer applications as they have made the world smaller, speaking in terms of globalization. I have no hesitation to add that core computerization alone is the suitable answer to all the areas unexploited and to the areas waiting for development. It has always been a fascination for me about how computers work, how these applications are designed and what can be the newer ways to explore the world of computers to make our world better. This interest became a passion for me when I was exposed to computer science basics, during my middle school. Pursuing computer science engineering at undergraduate level, further propelled my passion for computer science along with providing me a deeper insight and in-depth understanding of the subject. After completing my under graduation in Computer Science, I am willing to expedite my research interest and a masters degree seemed the most appropriate choice for realizing my aspirations. Since my school days, I have been interested in Mathematics because the challenge of thinking and the process of logic always attracted me to Mathematical problems. With myShow MoreRelatedStatement of Purpose of Computer Science827 Words   |  3 PagesSTATEMENT OF PURPOSE Every generation has its own dimension. In the ages of Apes, man’s primary motive was to feed himself and so, he learned the means of hunting; In the Stone Age he learned means, which made his work easier and he invented tools in this pursuit; In the Iron Age he discovered technologies, he started manufacturing and later established business. This development saga of the man continued, always re-inventing him. Information is the dimension of the present age. How fast, how efficientRead MoreStatement of Purpose for Computer Science635 Words   |  3 Pages My inclination to see logic helped me code right from high school. I still remember the â€Å"Computer Applications† course that I took, where despite learning very basic Java, I could write snippet programs. I was fascinated with loops and arrays and was surprised how easily I could learn to apply logic and get the required output. An undergraduate program in Information Science and Engineering gave me the exposure to core concepts of programming and hands on experience across categories like –utilityRead MoreStatement of Purpose Computer Science Essay773 Words   |  4 PagesSTATEMENT OF PURPOSE My four years of undergraduate studies in CS at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore and my exposure and penchant for research have made the choice of further study, for me, an obvious one. My goal is to pursue a career in research, either in industry or in academia. Ten years from now, I envisage myself as a full-fledged research professional in an organization, or a faculty member at one of the leading universities. The first step towards my objective would be to pursueRead MoreA Statement of Purpose: Computer Science Essay545 Words   |  3 PagesStatement of Purpose Course applied: Computer Science My passion for Computers developed when my fingers felt the first touch of it. The abstruse world of computers fascinated me to penetrate the technology and learn more about it, when I was in my 6th grade. The passion for this ever changing technology of computers enthralled me to take up graduation in Computer Science, further to go for research in this stream. My ambition towards this subject andRead MoreStatement of Purpose: Master in Computer Science602 Words   |  2 Pages Statement of Purpose/Computer Science Master Playing games on my fathers computer as a child fascinated me in the way the computer works, how fast it develops, and now how the computer helps the world to communicate. It still amazes me in how fast computers change and how communication across the globe is enhanced with the computer. Computers have drastically changed how society lives and does business. Even small businesses can do global sales without leaving their location. With new strategiesRead MoreStatement of Purpose on Computer Science and Management614 Words   |  3 Pageshave been fascinated by technology since childhood. This motivated me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in the field of Computer Science, which exposed me to programming languages such as C, C++ and JAVA. I also learnt the concepts of Data Structures, Algorithm Analysis and Design, DBMS, Data Warehousing and Data Mining. My inclination towards exploring the practical domain of computers led to my involvement in many projects like ‘Virtual DOS using JAVA’, ‘Steganography’ and ‘Hotel Management System’Read MoreStatement of Purpose for Master in Computer Science540 Words   |  2 Pagesachievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self-actualization. -Bo Bennett I present upon myself a precious gift of â€Å"Curiosity† which made me what I am today in the field of Computer Science. The quote attributes to my tendency to pursue the path of knowledge and passion to reach this goal with due diligence and perseverance. I have chosen Computer Science as major during Bachelors and pruned the knowledge with industry experience at Tata ConsultancyRead MoreEssay on Statement of Purpose for a Masters of Computer Science940 Words   |  4 Pages Statement of Purpose Security of computer systems and networking has become an issue of extreme importance due to the rapid increase in Internet usage. Making computer systems and Internet more secure for the society is the goal that I have set for myself. I have continued to make serious efforts in this direction during my undergraduate education and presently at software industry. My urge to continue my efforts aggressively propelled my interests to pursue Masters of Computer Science at theRead MoreStatement of Purpose for a Masters Degree in Computer Science 798 Words   |  3 PagesMy decision to undertake a master’s degree stems from my aspiration to have greater knowledge about Computer Science, an avid interest in the field of Software Engineering and a stimulating research environment present at the University of Pennsylvania. By pursuing a graduate degree, I will be able to strengthen my knowledge base and also further my career prospects. One of the greatest discoveries in the past few decades has been the Internet. It has revolutionised how we live, made distanceRead MoreEssay on Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Science640 Words   |  3 PagesPersonal Statement MS in Computer Science, University of Illinois Being naturally intrigued about Computers, I pursued my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at College of Engineering Trivandrum, University of Kerala, India. I intend to do my higher education in Computer Science and would like to get enrolled into the Masters Program at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign starting Fall ‘14. My Interest in science started in early childhood. I was fascinated by